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Hello! My name is Georgia. I started writing Notes on Tea in 2006. I drink tea everyday. I have a sweet tooth so I eat a lot of chocolate. I enjoy cheese, too. I grew up in the Caribbean eating savory and spicy foods so my palate is a broad one.

My Daily Tea
I have been asked about my favorite teas and my answer is always different. I start my day with a black tea, usually a blend such as Irish Breakfast. I drink a lot of Taiwanese oolongs. I have a growing stash of raw puerhs. I give all loose leaf, unflavored teas a chance.

Favorite Posts
I'm going to begin with a cliche: choosing a favorite post is like choosing a favorite child. I have children so I know this is a ridiculous comparison. The Favorite Tea Ware series is special to me because tea lovers share some of the tea objects they hold dear. My tea amigos, Jee and Sara, and I designed Tea Pairing 101. I also like reviewing books about tea. Read my review of Tea with Milk, a Picture Book by Allen Say.

Review Policy
I write about my experiences with tea which range from tea tastings at home to hotel afternoon tea. I accept tea (I prefer unflavored, unblended loose leaf) and tea products. I cannot guarantee a mention on social media or a full review on the blog. I cannot provide a publication date. In my reviews, I disclose to my readers when products were received for review. All reviews are my honest opinions.

Contact me
You can email me at thenotesontea(at)gmail(dot)com.

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