April 22, 2020

Podcasts about Tea

I was not a regular podcast listener until the end of last year. Before then, I would listen to shows via their websites. Two good examples of this are This American Life (TAL) and Gastropod. I still listen to the TAL episodes on the show page instead of subscribing to the podcast.

The first show I downloaded to the Podcasts app was Ken Cohen's Talking Tea to listen to the "Chemistry, Climate Change, Bugs & Tea" episode featuring Eric Scott aka "Leafy Eric." I had to re-install to app on my memory-strapped phone, so this endeavor was a big deal but worth it. I am not a climate scientist but I am very concerned about the impacts of human-induced climate change on biodiversity and human well-being. It was fascinating to hear Eric talk about the effects of this phenomenon on tea. In this portion of the episode he talks specifically about bug-bitten tea. Oh, Oriental Beauty! Eric also goes deep into the science of oxidation versus fermentation versus post-fermentation. In addition to the Eric Scott piece, I also recommend these two Talking Tea episodes: "Pairing Tea and...Cheese?" with Lisa Boalt Richardson and "Teapots, In Depth with Scott Norton."

The podcast library on my phone is 12 shows strong. Included in these 12 shows are two other podcasts about tea: My Japanese Green Tea and Floating Leaves Tea. Have you drunk oolong from Floating Leaves Tea? They are excellent. Typing this I realize it has been several years since I drank oolongs from this tea company. I should remedy this situation. The Floating Leaves Tea podcast is an unaffected and sensory conversation and tasting between Shiuwen (founder) and Noah (apprentice). Oriental Beauty is the subject of an entire episode! I want to eat a spicy lunch and drink a pot of OB ASAP. Unfortunately for me, my cupboard is empty of Oriental Beauty.

You might be familiar with Ricardo Caicedo's blog, My Japanese Green Tea. His podcast bears the same name. I appreciate Ricardo's spare, mellow writing style on his blog. His podcast demeanor matches his blog voice. Ricardo's website is a fantastic guide to Japanese green tea. The podcast reiterates some of the blog's content and broadens the scope of what people think and know about Japanese green tea. I like to eat a snack when I drink tea. Lately I am drinking a lot of sencha so the "Pairing Green Tea with Cheese" with Robert Wemischner episode is one of my recommendations. What do you think of this advice from Robert Wemischner?
Start with the tea you love and start with the cheese you love...try putting them together.
Please recommend your favorite podcast about tea or your favorite episode of the podcasts I've featured in this post.

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