November 07, 2018

Books that Inspired Tea Book Authors with Lu Ann Pannunzio

This new book review series brings you the books that influenced some of my favorite tea book authors. The series launches with Lu Ann Pannunzio, blogger at The Tea Cup of Life and author of Tea-spiration: Inspirational Words for Tea Lovers.

Tea-spiration: Inspirational Words for Tea Lovers is a book concerned with the way of tea in your life. The central content of the book is divided among five chapters starting with the Introduction. My favorite page in the Introduction is an infographic relating one's sensing of tea. The subsequent chapters guide you through making a place for tea, choosing your tea-ware and teas, opening a bag of tea for the first time, drinking your first sip of tea, pairing tea with food, the final sip, caring for your tea-ware, and storing your tea. Tea-inspiration is a narrative companion along your daily and lifelong journey with tea.

I asked Lu Ann to tell us about the books that influenced her career in tea and she provided the following stories.

Life by the Cup by Zhena Muzyka

I remember picking up this book with interest because of one of the endorsements saying it’s “a book with heart that you can stop, sip and enjoy not only a cup of tea but a cup of life.” Sound familiar? ;)
The author shares her story of her tea dream throughout the book, shining light on the struggles before her successes. To say it is an inspiring read would not be enough. The author went from being a single mom with little to no money for her son’s life saving surgery to owning a multi-million dollar tea company. I believe this book has influenced my career in tea because it opened my eyes to how one can overcome limitations.

The Tea Companion by Jane Pettigrew

This was one of the first books I picked up to dive deeper into the world of tea. I actually have not read it since the first time I picked it up years ago. I don’t even have my own copy! It was a library book I checked out, but one I remember really well as I often read this book more than the college textbooks I should have been reading at the time. Reading it allowed me to travel the world more with my cup of tea as I was learning about the regions tea is grown and tea production methods. The information had me hooked. This tea textbook was just the start of a very long and joyous tea journey to come.

Writing Down to the Bones by Natalie Goldberg

This is a newer read for me. Not tea related, but since my career in tea is becoming more focused on writing blogs, articles and books, I think a writing themed read is appropriate here. The author connects writing with Zen practices. I constantly take it off my book shelf to read bits and pieces as I find it helps get the creative juices flowing (much like a cup of tea does!). As a writer, I’m sure you can agree, some days are easier than others to write. I really do find that this book has helped me stop staring at a blank Word document and freeing the writer within, whether it is tea content for the blog, writing for my next book, or articles.

The Tea Companion is one of two Jane Pettigrew books in my library. I have been keeping a short stack of writing books on my nightstand and would love to add Writing Down the Bones. Thanks to Lu Ann for sharing books that have inspired her career. Share the books that have influenced your journey as a tea drinker, blogger, or book author.

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