September 13, 2018

My Day in Tea + Song Yi Tea Shanlinshi Oolong Review

I take notes of teas I drink to review on the blog but not of my daily tea consumption. Last year Lu Ann Pannunzio of The Cup of Life shared the teas she drank in a single day. I liked the idea and have finally replicated it here. 

Tea #1 - T2 Tea Grand Yunnan

I always start my day with a cup of black tea or a breakfast blend. On Monday, August 20th, I steeped the last two teaspoons of T2 Tea Grand Yunnan. This tippy tea is very fluffy so my teaspoon measure was on the heaping side. I steeped the tea with boiling water for up to 5 minutes. I used no more than 8 ounces of water, and I served the tea in a traditional cup and saucer. Grand Yunnan is an excellent tea. It is smooth, sweet and slightly smoky with bittersweet chocolate notes.

Tea #2 - Starbucks Green Tea Latte

I did not take the image above. I downloaded it from the Starbucks website (link). I enjoy drinking Starbucks green tea lattes. There -- it's in print. The iced version is better than the hot latte. I order my matcha lattes with extra matcha. (To whomever shared this tip, thanks again). The extra matcha is free, by the way. Last Monday, I ordered an iced green tea latte with extra matcha from a Starbucks on the Upper West Side. It was my second cup of tea of the day. Not all the matcha powder was suspended and normally that's not desirable but I saved those clumps and made a matcha latte at home the following day.

Tea #3 - Song Yi Tea Shanlinshi Oolong Tea

My third and final tea of the day was the Song Yi Tea Shanlinshi Oolong. It was my first session with the Taiwanese high mountain oolong, and it was very good, especially the third infusion which was supremely floral, buttery, and luscious.

I followed the Song Yi Tea parameters which were:

  • Leaf weight = 4 grams (Song Yi recommends 1g leaf: 15 cc/ml water)
  • Water volume = 100 ml
  • Water temperature = 212F
  • Infusion times = 40s, 20s, 30s, 40s, 55s

The dry leaves were sage, forest and blue-green, and smelled creamy and floral. The rinsed leaves were sweet smelling with roasted and zucchini flower notes. The aroma of the first infusion bowled me over. The tea was incredibly heady. It was very floral on the tongue and was underlain by buttery and vegetal notes, with a fruity finish. The second infusion was much stronger. The liquor was very vegetal but also bittersweet like cherry liqueur.

While the second infusion was dominated by a vegetal note, the third cup was floral with a capital F. The tea tasted of flowers and greenness. It was medium to full bodied with a noticeably buttery texture and smell. It actually smelled like popcorn. This was an outstanding infusion. The fourth cup was still buttery and floral and the liquor had thickened to being almost savory.

The fifth and final infusion was substantially thinner on the pour and this quality was reflected in the taste. This last cup had ghost flavors and texture.

Song Yi Tea Shanlinshi is a delicious oolong. Prepare it as I've done here or drop the temperature for my infusions. I would recommend following the Song Yi parameters to experience the awesomeness of the third cup. I did not purposefully select the Shanlanshi as the final tea of the day, nevertheless it was a perfect choice.

This snapshot actually represents a typical day of tea drinking for me. On average, I drink two different teas each day. Do you keep a record of the teas you drink each day? Share a day in the comments or on your blog. Thanks again to Lu Ann for this inspired idea.


  1. I don't keep a record of the tea that I drink everyday but I usually post about it on social media so technically I save the stories. I share my morning tea, especially if it's different than what I sipped the day before. Right now I'm trying to clear out (drink all the tea) in my tea cabinet so I've been sipping the same teas consecutively.

    Thanks for sharing your day in tea, I too like when LuAnn does this and I'm happy to see that we are inspiring one another, us tea sipping bookworms... :-)

    1. Notes on Tea9/24/18, 10:49 AM

      Hello Gabie, thanks for sharing your tea record system. I am constantly inspired by the wonderful tea community.


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