May 14, 2018

Song Yi Tea Lishan Oolong

In medieval times I might have been a scribe. I always carry a notebook and keep a separate tea notepad in my kitchen. Many of my tasting notes become the tea reviews you read on the blog.

My previous reviews of teas from Song Yi Tea are Sun Moon Lake Black Tea and Roast Lishan Oolong. I did not include detailed provenance information. One of the aspects of Song Yi I appreciate is the detailed origin and production information it provides for each tea. Here's the 411 for today's tea, the Lishan Oolong.
  • Grown in Lishan Village, hence the name
  • Gravelly soil type
  • Altitude of 2300 meters
  • Qingxin cultivar
  • 30% oxidation and lightly roasted. 
These characteristics all add up to a green oolong, perfect for spring drinking.


The dry leaves were rolled big and tight. The tea was forest and emerald green in color. The dry leaves smelled of cream and toasted grains. I followed the recommended steeping parameters of 1g / 15ml in 100C water for 40s/20/30/40/55. I used 3g in 50ml.

The infused leaves smelled fresh and green with creamy and grain notes. The steam was also slightly floral. The pale yellow liquor did not have a scent. The liquor was creamy and floral and full of grain flavor. The floral note was not overwhelming but it did remind me of the fragrance of this year's orchid show at the New York Botanical Garden. When the first cup reached room temperature it showed a lush texture and lots of floral flavors.

The second infusion yielded a much more robust cup flavor-wise. The liquor was drier but more floral. The grain notes were still there overlaid with a juicy fruit flavor in the back of my mouth. The liquor lightened by the fourth infusion but even at the fifth steep, the tea still had the original flavors of dry cereal, spring green, and flowers.

The Takeaway

This oolong was very enjoyable steeped at a high temperature. I would strongly recommend a cold steep, too. The lush, floral experience of the second infusion when the liquor dropped to room temperature was fantastic.

The oolong tea review here was provided by Song Yi Tea.

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