February 06, 2018

T2 Tea Flask and Teas Giveaway

The T2 Tea Flask is the best tea flask. That period should be an exclamation. The T2 Tea Flask is the best tea flask!

There are two primary reasons why I've given the highest rating to the T2 flask. The company describes its flask as "completely leakproof" and I agree. I agree. I use the flask often, not daily but fairly close to that. It has not leaked. I have used several flasks and they all leaked and within days of first using them. I have traveled with the flask upright and sideways in my coat pocket, in my backpack, and in my handbag and it has not leaked. Another great feature of the T2 flask is that it keeps your tea (or water if you are steeping leaves in the infuser) very close to its starting temperature. Since it's winter, I am mostly drinking hot tea. My hot black tea will stay at a comfortable drinking temperature for a few hours. T2's claim is that the flask will keep tea at "60°C for up to six hours." 60°C is 140°F.

I also like that the flask holds a lot of tea -- 500 mL or 2 cups.

Like the body, the infuser is also stainless steel. The filter is silicone. The lip and lid are polypropylene (plastic). The infuser and filter are separate components. I did not taste or smell anything other than tea when using the flask. If you are into colorful tea-ware, then know that the T2 flask comes in 9 colors/patterns.

A drawback might be the dimensions of the flask. The flask is 7.75 inches tall (without the lid) which shouldn't pose a problem unless you carry a small bag. The base diameter of the flask is 2.75 inches yielding a circumference of over 8 inches. This width dimension could be challenging for someone with small hands.

I've been filling my flask with T2 black teas. One of my favorites is the Morning Sunshine, a blend of Assam, Darjeeling and Rwandan black tea. Although I typically drink my teas plain, I like to add oat milk to Morning Sunshine and lightly sweeten it with honey. It's such a treat especially when birdwatching on cold mornings. The New York Breakfast Blend was the first T2 black tea I drank. It's a decadent tea -- it tastes like a dessert -- and is a best-seller. It's a flavored tea for all the purists out there. The Grand Yunnan is a tippy tea with a sweet smoke profile. The latter would appeal to folks who like sheng puerh will a bit of age on it.


My experience with the T2 flask has been such a positive one that I reached out to the company about providing a prize pack for Notes on Tea readers. I am pleased to offer this giveaway on the blog. The prize pack includes a T2 Stainless Steel Flask and three (3) teas. Flask color/pattern and tea flavors are subject to stock availability. This giveaway is only open to the U.S. and Canada. See full details in Terms & Conditions.

UPDATE: A winner has been chosen. Congratulations, Kim! Thank you to all the participants.

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The tea flask and teas reviewed in this post were provided by T2 Tea.


  1. I think these flasks (and their close kin, the Hydro Flask) are the modern-day, much-improved Thermoses. My dingy Starbuck go-cup could stand to be replaced with one of these!

    1. P.S. I drink my black tea straight up (no milk)!

  2. It depends on the tea. I drink some with milk and others with just a bit of sweetener.

  3. Wonderful give-a-way. I like my tea plain.

  4. I've never tried with milk. The idea doesn't all too me

  5. I like drinking black tea with unsweetened almond milk or soy milk.

  6. plain tea. I might try it with milk, it sounds good.

  7. I always loved the idea of a tea flask! but I haven't figured out how to make sure I don't over steep my tea.

  8. I drink my tea plain, occasionally I add some milk but not very often.

  9. I drink it with splenda or honey.

  10. Depends on the black tea. I like Keemun with milk, but Puer I generally drink straight.

  11. Plain, never w/ cream nor sugar.

  12. Sandra Preti2/11/18, 10:01 AM

    I drink it plain!

  13. I always drink with cream just a touch


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