June 14, 2017

Genki Ceremonial Grade Matcha

The adage that there's a season for everything might not apply strictly to matcha. I think it's always a good time of year to drink a cup of matcha. I have several matcha in my tea stash and started my week with Genki Matcha Ceremonial Grade Matcha. Genki's matcha is harvested from Nishio in the Aichi Prefecture of Japan. According to Wikipedia, Nishio is Japan's "leading producer of powdered green tea." However, Uji in Kyoto Prefecture is renowned for producing the best matcha in Japan.

I found the Genki matcha powder to be a beautiful vibrant South American emerald green. It smelled sweet and creamy and sifted to a fine, soft powder. I prepared a hot, thin matcha using two scoops with a chashaku and 4 ounces of approximately 165F water. The matcha veered away from the sweetness of the dry powder to a pronounced but smooth umami taste. The foam retained the color of the powder but beneath this fine bubble layer, was a deeper green liquid.

There are teas that I drink seasonally. I tend to drink iced teas in the summer and green and white Chinese teas in the spring. Matcha, I drink it year round. Do you have a seasonal approach to tea drinking?

Genki Matcha provided the green tea powder for review.

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