May 17, 2017

Nepal Tea - Shangri La Oolong

While the focus this time of year is on green teas, this week I will be sharing my notes on masala chai, puerh, and oolong. You might recall I reviewed four teas from Nepal Tea in March. Today's tea is also from Nepal Tea; it's the Shangri La Oolong.

I infused the entire 4.48 ounce sample in one session. The other parameters were: clay pot, 195F water, and a starting 30 second infusion with 5 second increases. The dry tea was a mixture of dark brown, forest green, and silver buds. This tea resembled Oriental Beauty. The dry leaves smelled sweet, biscuity, and slightly woody. The rinsed leaves smelled "so good!" Sweet, fruity, baked, and roasted.

The first infusion yielded a lovely amber liquor like a dark apricot juice that tasted sweet and baked with lingering woody and fruity tail notes. The liquor was medium bodied. This oolong tasted like an OB especially when the liquor had cooled off. The second infusion stained the pot lid with a liquid sugar fragrance. The deeper colored liquor was still sweet but a briskness had emerged. The cooled liquor tasted of muscatel.

The third hot infusion had a bright shiny liquor but the body had lessened. The liquor was still sweet with fruity notes, an underlying woodiness and a slight briskness, but an herbal note had emerged. The best cup of this oolong was the first infusion. However, I did not compost my infused leaves after the third infusion. I steeped them overnight and was rewarded with a floral, red fruity, and slightly astringent liquor!

Shangri La Oolong provided by Nepal Tea LLC.

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