May 25, 2017

Favorite Tea Ware: Ricardo Caicedo of My Japanese Green Tea

As a tea drinker, and I am sure this is true for you, I adore teaware, from the chasen to the yixing teapot. Everyone has their favorites! I designed this series as an opportunity for tea drinkers to showcase the very special tea objects in their personal collections. Today's selections are brought to you by Ricardo Caicedo of My Japanese Green Tea. Ricardo believes that "one day, words like sencha and matcha will be as common as espresso and cappuccino." He's doing his part in this transformation by writing his blog. You can also find Ricardo on Instagram as @kyusuteas, the name of his online tea store based in Colombia.

Japanese tea coasters

I bought them at Maiko Tea, in Kyōtanabe city, Kyoto prefecture. It wasn't easy to obtain these, because most tea shops online have tea cups and teapots only. They were a great find, and I use them daily.

Tokonameyaki Yuzamashi

A yuzamashi is used for cooling the water to the right temperature. I bought it from the online shop of Sugimoto America, because I had seen it previously in pictures but had never actually owned one. I use it when preparing matcha and sencha.

This tea caddy for matcha is probably one my most special items that I have. It was a gift from Shizuka Maitani of the Green Tea Newbies Youtube channel. We met in Tokyo. She painted the flowers by hand! Since I drink matcha every morning, I also use it daily.

Bankoyaki mini kyusu

It holds just 120 ml (4 oz) of tea. It's very easy to use because of its small size. I don't use very often, only when brewing very expensive green teas. It's my favorite tea pot. I bought if from

Yixing tea pot

Well, I don't know for sure if it's a Yixing tea pot or not. My mother bought it when she visited Japan, which is funny because she bought a Chinese tea pot instead of a Japanese one. She never actually used it, and one day she gave it to me. I mostly drink Japanese tea, but every once in a while I like to try other things, and that's when teaware like this comes in handy.

I can see why these are among Ricardo's favorite tea ware! Each one is beautiful. Thank you for sharing them with us. My favorite from this subset of his collection is the yuzamashi. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing but I appreciate its practical purpose to cool water for infusing matcha and sencha. My kettle's lowest temperature setting is 175F so I usually pour water into a pitcher to cool it but a proper yuzamashi is more appealing than a pyrex measuring cup.

All photos and descriptions courtesy of Ricardo Caicedo.

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  1. Such a beautiful collection of tea ware. They have a simplistic beauty to them. Have you both checked out Hibiki-An before? You both may enjoy the collection of tea ware they have online (or visit them in Kyoto even some day). :)


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