March 16, 2017

Favorite Tea Ware - Gabie of Tea End Blog

As a tea drinker, and I am sure this is true for you, I adore teaware, from the chasen to the yixing teapot. Everyone has their favorites! This series showcases the favorite teaware of folks in the tea blogging community. I am kicking off this FTW 2017 with tea objects from Gabie of Tea End Blog. Gabie is a self described tea sipping bookworm who enjoys tea in her cup and the written word. She is the blogger behind Tea End Blog, a blog of tea and book reviews, alluring imagery and informative articles about the tea plant and literature. Sipping happily ever after is her forté and she asks any and all who have a love for tea and books to join in!

Rose Confetti Vintage Royal Albert Tea Cup

When I decided to start sipping tea and reading books again, it was a decision made to regain a part of myself that I had lost. I am sure all giving and loving women can relate! I wanted to give myself a special gift for having decided to be true to myself and I thought an authentic bone tea cup like the ones I owned before, when I had the habit of showing my love for tea, would do the trick. I searched high and low until I found an adorable bone tea cup in the most quintessential feminine color and laden with roses. The history and charm of the company drew me in and I had to have a cup of tea in Rose Confetti Vintage Royal Albert Tea Cup. I purchased my cup from Amazon and I have been sipping happily from it ever since.

Robin-egg Blue Teakettle

This exquisitely blue teakettle also found its way to be in the early stages of It had been years since I had owned a teakettle and I wanted one that was functional but also pleasant to look at. While browsing on my favorite online store (Amazon) I found the Robin-egg Blue Teakettle that you see above. Isn’t it so rustic and lovely? Although the whistling of a teakettle can be enchanting, I enjoy that this particular teakettle does not sound the alarm considering that I am an early riser and my husband is not. I use this teakettle every morning and don’t see myself ever being able to live without it.

Hario Chacha Kyusu Maru Tea Pot and Infuser

Tea cups and teakettles are fine and dandy but without a proper infuser I wouldn’t get past the tea bags. Delving into tea again required that I open myself up to all that tea had to offer, including and definitely not limited to loose-leaf. I vacillated between a simple ball to the most intricately designed infusers and decided upon the Hario Chachu Kyusu Maru Tea Pot and Infuser purchased from I love this infuser and use it every single day to prepare loose-leaf. It serves as, not just an infuser, but also a personal tea pot. I also use it as my staple image for “The Sip” when performing Tea Reviews. It’s been with me from the beginning of Tea End Blog and I don’t see it going anywhere else besides my tea tray anytime soon.

Traditional Bone Inlay Serving Tray

I don’t think tea and reading time would be truly complete without a tray. How else would you get your teacup, tea pot, tea snacks and books all in one comfy place at the same time? You see the dilemma…(smiling). I almost never shop in stores since online shopping is my thing, but there was one store in Dallas, TX that drew me into its charm named Wisteria. I walked in and delightfully browsed until my eyes stumbled on a tray fit for a tea sipping and book reading queen! I looked at the price: $700! Oh, no… I can’t afford this…I looked again: Sale: $250…still not something I am willing to pay and then I looked up to see another tag: 90% off! Yes! To the counter I went! I paid approximately $25 for a perfectly pink Bone Inlay Serving Tray that I use often in my photos for Tea End Blog but also in my daily tea and reading time.

Inspirational Elephant Tea Mug

Last but not least: My Favorite Tea Mug. I certainly saved the best for last because the story behind this mug may leave you wondering if the tea fairies wish us happy tea sipping (lol). One day while shopping for various tea wares in an eclectic market in Dallas, TX I started to feel a little down. I am a perfectionist and if things aren’t going perfect (which they never do because nothing is perfect) then I feel as if all my hard work is for nothing and all the hard work in the future will be for nothing. Dramatic I know…I’m working on it. Well, I kept looking and found an elephant shaped mug that portrayed the elephant’s trunk as the handle. No…not for me…I respect the elephant too much to hold his trunk as I sip (like I said, I’m dramatic, lol). Then I found the mug you see above; simple, elegant and the elephant portrayed is in all of her elephant-y glory. I turned the mug around to see what was on the other side and it read: “One Step At A Time”. Perhaps the tea fairies really do watch over us…

Thank you participating in the series, Gabie. Your enthusiasm for tea and her tea objects is infectious.I have been steeping my teas western style lately and like how low the infuser sits in the Hario glass teapot. 


  1. You are welcome! I sincerely enjoyed working on the FTW series and thank you again for allowing me and Tea End Blog to become a part of Notes on Tea!

    1. Your compositions are reflective of your approach to tea, Gabie. Thanks again for sharing your special tea objects.

  2. That tea tray is *amazing* and what a great deal! I can't imagine paying $700 for a tray, even one as beautiful as that!

    1. Notes on Tea3/28/17, 10:07 AM

      A beautiful tray, indeed, and Gabie's patience was rewarded. Thanks for reading, Michelle.


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