January 06, 2017

What You Liked about Notes on Tea in 2016

Have you been reflecting on last year and making resolutions for this one? I haven't made any new resolutions for 2017. I will continue with the ones I made last year: to hand write more letters, to take better care of myself, and to discover and explore more teas.

I took stock of several aspects of the blog. After reading Tea For Me Please's post about the importance of accurate analytics, I queried the program for a list of the 10 most popular posts written in 2016.

Resolutions for 2016 + Teavana's Wellness Teas Review
Resolutions for 2016 + Paper Source Hello!Lucky Bird Stationery Kit Giveaway
Tea Review - Ippodo Tea Bag Set
Interview - Teplo Bottle Founders
Tea Review - Mizuba Tea Co. Matcha
Endangered Species Chocolate Bars and Spreads Review + A Giveaway
Tea Cultivars - 12 Chinese Tea Cultivars
Favorite Tea Ware - Kym Cooper of The Steepery in Australia
Ching Ching Cha Chinese Teahouse in Georgetown, Washington DC
Tea Review - Four Tieguanyin Oolongs

More than a third of the top 10 were reviews of tea or places. One fifth of your favorites were giveaways but I imagine you liked the content surrounding the prize. Another fifth were knowledge posts (interview and cultivar information). Although only one Favorite Tea Ware post written in 2016 made it in the top 10, this series has been well read since the first one with Jee Choe of Oh How Civilized in 2014. The last one of 2016 was published in October and featured tea ware from Jeff Cleary, the UNYtea Guy. Analytics provided great feedback. I will continue to provide the content that you like. I certainly enjoy researching and writing about the topics. One subject that didn't make it to the top 10 was tea and food. However, this is a nexus I am interested in so I will keep writing about it. I haven't shared my DC afternoon tea experiences. I will review a matcha cookbook in the early part of this year. I typically test and share recipes from the tea cookbooks I review. Check out this Matcha Breakfast Parfait from The Healthy Matcha Cookbook by Miryam Quinn Doblas. (If you are looking for a savory option, consider tea and cheese pairings developed by Cheeses of Europe and Bellocq Tea.)

I also looked beyond the blog. When you consider my Instagram content, your 9 favorite Instagram posts were leafy with more than 50% of the photos featuring tea leaves of various types and in various states! Starting top left and proceeding clockwise:

1st Flush Darjeeling c/o ITEI
Minto Island Tea Company Black Tea 2016
Minto Island Tea Company Steamed Green Tea 2016
Floating Tea Leaves Da Yu Ling 2016
At Te Company with Sara of Tea Happiness
L'Age de The China Beauty Rings
My first clay tea pot
Nilgiri Coonoor c/o ITEI
Japanese Green Tea c/o Shizuoka Tea Research Institute & pineapple linzer

I greatly appreciate your varied modes of support and participation. Best wishes for the new year and success in all that you do!

- Georgia

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