January 24, 2017

Afternoon Tea in Washington, DC - The Willard InterContinental

Where did I go for afternoon tea when I lived in Virginia in 2015-2016? The Washington National Cathedral, the Ritz-Carleton Pentagon City, and the subject of today's post, Peacock Alley at the Willard InterContinental.

Peacock Alley Tea at the Willard InterContinental

The Willard serves Ronnfeldt Tea. I chose the Pai Mu Tan Silver Typ [sic] and my mum chose the Ginger & Herb Tisane. On the current tea menu, the white tea I ordered is listed as Pai Mu Tan & Melon. The first couple of cups from my pot were good but the leaves had not been removed from the pot so the final cup was oversteeped. Our server offered to add hot water to the pot but the leaves had lost much of their flavor at that point. My mum enjoyed her tisane.

When I made the reservation I asked for egg, fish, and vegetable sandwiches only. We were served four savories: double-decker salmon sandwich, shrimp tart, cucumber rollup, and pear on toast. The salmon was tangy and the bread moist. The shrimp was savory but the crust was too firm. The cucumber was refreshing! The pear toast tasted like apple pie.

The scones, vanilla, and chives were not served warm but they were moist.

There were five desserts and I wrote "good!" next to three of them. They were the raspberry mousse topped with pistachios, the chocolate cup, and the chocolate mousse. There was also a raspberry tart and a strawberry cheesecake presented in a tall glass.

I was glad to share afternoon tea with my mother. We really liked the desserts, and discretely observing other tea parties. I appreciated the little details of this afternoon tea at Peacock Alley such as the handwritten name tag on our table.


  1. Whaatt!!? When did you get to meet the Obamas!? I can't believe you've shaken his hand! Looks like a lovely experience...love that gold and white teacup!

    1. Isn't the teacup pretty?!
      My husband worked for the White House last year and we attended an office party which the Obamas made an appearance. The president praised the work of the Executive Office teams. Then he and Mrs. O shook hands with guests. I stood on tip toes and reached my arm through the crowd for a handshake.


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