December 02, 2016

Tea Party: A Color, Punch Out, and Play Set, an Activity Book by Margaret Peot

Have you noticed that the coloring book genre has expanded to include coloring books for grownups?  I got into the activity with gifts from my sister-in-law and books courtesy of Skyhorse Publishing. Even youth coloring books have changed; simple line drawings are being replaced by more complex scenes. As a parent to young children who enjoy arts and crafts, I don't mind that children's coloring books are more intricate. If we are coloring together the activity is more engaging for me. Now enter artist, writer, and teacher Margaret Peot with her Tea Party: A Color, Punch Out, and Play Set published by Pomegranate Kids. This kit incorporates coloring and dramatic play with a tea theme. How perfect is this activity for me and my family? This is a rhetorical question.

Pomegranate Kids provided me with a boxed set. My son was excited to create a stage with me to display during Thanksgiving. He chose the English Manor House Tea and the Castle tea pot, cup, and serving plate.  Peot's Tea Party play set is a great collaborative activity. We had to make several decisions before we could color. Which stage should we chose? Which serving ware? What colors, and should we use markers or colored pencils? We selected markers. It's my experience that it's easier for children to color with fat markers. Who would color which parts of the stage and serving ware? At no point did these choices become stressful. The design of the box and informational brochure within set the stage for a happy experience. Our musical selections also helped. Thanks, Ray Charles and Johnny Cash.

After completing the stage and selected tea ware - we did not color all the white space - we displayed the items on the dining table. We did not set the stage with any of the paper teatime treats. We had several real desserts on the table: chocolate peanut butter tart, apple crisp, and a raspberry pistachio tart. The paired tea was Lupicia's black tea blend, La Belle Epoque.

There are two stages and seven cardstock pages of teaware and treats remaining in the boxed set. Another clever feature of this set is that you can mix and match stages and teaware. I foresee many more tea parties this winter. If you have a young child in your life and are looking for a collaborative, creative activity, I recommend Margaret Peot's Tea Party play set.

Tea Party: A Color, Punch Out, and Play Set provided by Pomegranate Kids.

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  1. Wow!! My kids just love coloring and are quite interested in art and craft. Happy to see coloring tea party. Planning to arrange a color tea party at one of San Francisco event venues. There will arrange some good coloring books as the party favors for the guests. Very happy for the day.


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