September 20, 2016

Misty Peak Teas Rolled Puerh from Tea Box Express

Coincidentally, I drank two raw puerhs from Misty Peak Teas this year. Last week I reviewed a loose sheng I purchased at a paper shop in Georgetown DC. Today I am sharing my tasting notes of three mini tuocha I received in a subscription box courtesy of Tea Box Express. I don't know the year the leaves were harvested or rolled but I don't this this raw puerh was aged.

Before steeping the first of the three balls, I broke it up slightly. The remaining two balls were steeped intact (and separately). Each mini tuo weighted approximately 6.28 grams. For many of the infusions I used the recommended water temperature of 185F but increased the temperature in later steeps to extract more flavor. I also dramatically increased my steep time over the course of a session from 5s to 5m for a final infusion.

The dominant flavor during my first session was of a peach jam while the third session was all about variations camphor. During the first session I also detected durian. I am not a fan of durian but fortunately it was not an unpleasant note in the tea. While the first session yielded an oily liquor, the liquor from the third session was dry.

Other differences were related to my steeping parameters. During the first session, the final infusion was only 5 seconds long in 195F water and the liquor was smooth, dry, but mild tasting. For the second to last infusion of the third session, I used 200F water and a steep time of 5 minutes. The liquor was thick, bitter, medicinal/ herbal with camphor and freshly sawn cedar notes. I enjoyed the thicker mouthfeel, camphor and cedar notes, but the bitterness and medicinal taste were not to my liking. All these characteristics had faded by the next and final infusion using the same parameters.

Thanks to Tea Box Express for the subscription trial.

Here's a link to Misty Peak Teas.

P.S. Are you wondering about my notes on the second session? I drank the second rolled puerh without recording my impressions.

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