September 29, 2016

Tea Q&A: Resting Puerh

When I posted the above photo to the Notes on Tea Instagram feed. In the caption, I wrote the following:
Did you know that puerh does not travel well? I did not so appreciate the advice to rest my 2016 Spring "Hidden Song" and "Jingmai LOVE" @crimsonlotustea.
The reason I mentioned resting the puerhs was because this suggestion is printed on the tea wrappers. A reader asked, "What does "does not travel well" and "resting it" mean?" I did not know the reason behind resting puerhs. I considered a web search to craft a response but decided to reach out to an expert, Crimson Lotus Tea. I am glad I did. I have posted their answer in its entirety below.
It's a good question. It's something I've experienced first handover the years and anecdotally from customers.

I've received puerh that has been shipped on boats that was different than when I packed it up. After time letting them acclimate they're back to what they should be. There's something about puerh that does not like being cooped up. It might have to do with environmental changes or altitude changes. I don't know what it is exactly. It could be any number of things. Or multiple things.

When we make the suggestion to let the puerh acclimate we're trying to give the puerh the best chance to have a great first experience. We occasionally get emails from customers who have had a bad experience with our puerh and our first suggestion is to tell them to let the tea rest a few weeks. They brew it again after letting it relax and the tea is amazing.

It's a tough journey for the tea after being packed up. It can be on hot boats left in the sun or heat. It can change altitude quickly in a plane. It can go from hot to cold and vice versa quickly.

Puerh, unlike other teas, is biologically alive. Extreme changes can affect it adversely.
Do you rest your puerhs? Have you drunk an unrested puerh and had a less than ideal tasting experience? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. I inadvertently allow my puerh teas to rest because I don't drink them right away, but I never knew about the 'resting' concept at all! :)


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