August 16, 2016

Tisane Profile: Yerba Mate

Yerba mate en el Jardín Botánico de Buenos Aires via Wikimedia Commons

I have mentioned several times here on the blog and on social media that I am taking coursework with the International Tea Education Institute. One of our first homework assignments was to write a profile of yerba mate. Given that the 2016 Olympic Games are being hosted in Brazil, I thought I'd share the profile with you now.

Have you ever drunk yerba mate? I own a bombilla and have tried the tisane at a friend's house though I cannot recall the flavor or smell of the beverage.


  1. Love your infogaphic! I am pinning it :) I really enjoy yerba mate, however I haven't had it prepared the traditional way yet.

    1. Georgia | Notes on Tea8/17/16, 7:36 PM

      Thanks, Lu Ann! Where do you purchase your yerba mate?

  2. That was great Georgia! As usual you always delight us at International Tea Education Institute (ITEI) with your finds, research, comments, and tasting teas and tisanes adventures. Yerba mate is high in caffeine and is used in many energy drinks. Last week in London UK, we went to an argentinian restaurant, had a steak and fries served with YERBA MATE in a bombilla. It was a wonderful combination!


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