July 21, 2016

Favorite Tea Ware - A Taste of Mz Priss

As a tea drinker, and I am sure this is true for you, I adore teaware, from the chasen to the yixing teapot. Everyone has their favorites! This series showcases the favorite teaware of folks in the tea blogging community as well as people who enjoy drinking tea. It's a pleasure to share the favorite tea ware of Mz Priss of the (occasional) blog A Taste of Mz Priss. She has been seriously drinking tea since 2010 and has a serious addiction to beautiful teaware. Her tea heart belongs to middle aged shengs and great oolong, especially yancha.

This gaiwan was my very first and remains my very favorite. When I started drinking puer, I was improvising with a glass pyrex custard cup and little flower-shaped tea bag holder as the top. I decided I needed some proper tools and went searching on Amazon. I had beginner's luck with this one. I can't find it anymore so I'm really glad I snatched it when I did.

Two of my passions are tea and rocks. Most of the tea session photos I post on Instagram have a crystal or two in them. This piece combines both of my loves - it is a cup carved from lapis lazuli. I got it from Ebay and it is so special that I only drink one tea from this cup. The tea is Rivendell from Whispering Pines and it is as lovely as this cup.

This gaiwan set has a ruyao (ru) glaze that develops crackles as you use it over time. I adore the lotus shape. I use this set often and it becomes more beautiful to me the more I use it.

This pot is a very recent acquisition. When I saw a beautiful pot that my very best tea friend got from Crimson Lotus last year, I asked Glen of Crimson Lotus to keep an eye out for a small (no larger than 125 ml) gorgeous pot with beautiful carving on it. He came through mightily! This beauty is a handmade jian shui pot that has not been polished to smoothness with stones on the outside. I love this texture, the amazing carving and the shipaio shape.

This very sweet little set came fromTaiwan Tea Crafts and I use it ALL the time. It has an ash glazed finish and it goes perfectly with the rainbow cups from Teaware House. I love the little tea boat.

Thank you very much to Mz Priss for sharing five of her favorite tea objects. She told me it was a difficult decision. I have been wishing for a rice pattern gaiwan, have seen the rectangular sharing vessel all over social media, and because I went to the Lotus and Water Lily Festival at the Kenilworth Park & Aquatic Gardens last weekend, am drawn to the lotus teapot.

P.S. The Favorite Tea Ware series will take a break in August and return in September. Read all the posts in the series here.

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