June 09, 2016

My World Tea Expo 2016 Itinerary

Image: WTE White Paper cover via WTE 
Since I will not attend World Tea Expo 2016, this is an imaginary itinerary, but I hope you will indulge me and read the entire post. I very much wanted to attend this year's expo but the timing was incompatible with my household needs. Next year, I hope! In the meantime, I have been following preparations for the expo via social media and reading about the plans that other tea bloggers are making. What really inspired me to write this post was Linda Gaylard's picks which she posted on her blog, The Tea Stylist. The World Tea Expo will be held June 13 - 17, 2016 in the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Pre-conference, I would spend the entire day on Tuesday, June 14th at the World Origin Tasting Tour. Here's an excerpt from the description:
World Origin Tasting Tour is currently scheduled to stop at China, India, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Nepal, Japan and Taiwan. Once we (ahem) land at each destination, an expert tour guide will lead us on a journey through the country showcasing the beauty of the origin our beloved beverage comes from. At each destination, we will explore the country's tea culture, unique manufacturing processes, and taste teas authentic to that origin giving you a solid understanding of the flavors and profiles of each. But don’t get too immersed as we will be back on the plane many times visiting the major origins throughout the day.
During the conference itself, I would attend the following sessions:

Wednesday, June 15th
Evolution of Tea in the FoodService Industry, From A Global Perspective with Kathy YL Chan OR North America: The New Cutting Edge of Specialty Tea with Kevin Gascoyne

Re-Evaluating Tea Education with Michael, Coffey, Kevin Gascoyne, Austin Hodge, Jo Johnson, Darlene Meyers-Perry, and James Norwood Pratt

The Quintessential Tea - China Green with Donna Fellman and Lydia Kung, PhD OR Not Your Granny's 'Afternoon Tea' with Shabnam Weber

Thursday, June 16th
Cupping & Grading Oolong with Thomas Shu OR Working With the Media: Learn from Top Tea Editors with Dan Bolton, Vanessa L. Faced, Gail Gastelu, Linda Gaylord, Lorna Reeves, and Jan Weigel

Climate-Smart Tea Systems with Selena Ahmed, Kevin Gascoyne, and Mike Harney (in my other life, I'm an environmental planner)

Utilizing Social Media with Nicole Martin

Friday, June 17th
Taste & Tea Chemistry with Selena Ahmed and Donna Fellman (Selena is an ethnobotanist and one of three women who found Shoots & Roots Bitters)

Tea Vessels = A Way to Steep Up Sales with Darlene Meyers-Perry (do you read the Favorite Tea Ware series here on this blog?)

*But I am torn between Tea Vessels AND Marriages Made in Tea & Cheese Heaven with Robert Wemischner

The expo will also host special events such as the Ceremonial Oolong Service and Japanese Tea Ceremony both on Wednesday 16th. The following day there will be a Cooking with Matcha Demo. It wouldn't be an expo without exhibitors. It would be great to see the Teforia machine live at booth #318. You can read my notes on an online demo here. My Joseph Wesley Tea stash is low; I wouldn't mind buying tea in person at booth #833. I am taking a tea sommelier course from the International Tea Education Institute. Say hello to Sylvana if you stop at booth #830. There are many more booths I'd visit.

These are my picks. I will be following #WorldTeaExpo and #WTE2016 next week so share a lot if you attend!


  1. *sniff* I am in the same boat, and I enjoyed reading your 'itinerary'

    1. Georgia | Notes on Tea6/10/16, 1:36 PM

      Thanks, Alexsia!
      I expect my itinerary would change and expand once I arrived. Thank goodness for social media in this case -- one can live vicariously through others' experiences.

    2. I am soooo glad the bloggers that go are so efficient at coverage, it is like I am there!

  2. At last year's Expo I volunteered for Robert Wemischner's class "Marriages Made in Tea and Dessert Heaven" (or something like that.) And OMG. AH-mazing. If I were going again this year, I would be at his tea/cheese pairing class in a heartbeat. If you ever have a chance to take one of his classes, I predict that it would be sooo yummy. Sad I can't go this year. Hopefully we can both go next year!!

    1. Georgia | Notes on Tea6/15/16, 8:23 PM

      Hi, Stephanie, your comment is a very strong recommendation, thank you. I will definitely keep my eyes open for an opportunity to take a pairing class with Robert Wemischner. Maybe it will happen at WTE 2017!


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