April 26, 2016

Tea Review - Cloud Nine Teas Old Arbor Lincang Black

You don't have to blend loose leaf tea with ingredients to mimic chocolate. If you want to drink a tea that tastes like chocolate, because like me you have a sweet tooth that leans to chocolate, try the Lincang Old Arbor Black Tea from Cloud Nine Teas. I prepared this tea using 5g of dry leaf in 200F water in my 150mL gaiwan. (I finally confirmed the volume of my gaiwan.) The notes I present here are from a session on April 11th this year.

I rinsed the leaves for 5s followed by a 10s steep. "This is cocoa!", I wrote. I smelled and tasted cocoa. The liquor was not thick. The leaves are beautiful, both dry and wet. The second steep was 15s and yielded a darker liquor with more complex smell and taste. There were chocolate notes as well as malt, leather, toffee pudding, and ripe bananas. The empty cup smelled of burnt sugar. The third and fourth steeps of 20s and 30s, respectively, were drier and less sweet. The liquor from the next two steeps of 40s and 50s, respectively, had lost some of its flavor and by the seventh steep of one minute the complex notes from earlier steeps had precipitously declined.

My recommendation still stands, if you want to drink a tea that tastes like chocolate, this black tea is a good one to try, though the best of it is in the first three steeps.

Curious about other Cloud Nine Teas? Read my review of Raw Bingdao 'Na Xin' Pu'er.

Tea courtesy of Cloud Nine Teas.

P.S. For more teas that taste like chocolate, check out Alex Zurich's article Pure Teas with Chocolate / Cocoa-like Aromas and Flavors.

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