April 14, 2016

Rocking a Mizuba Matcha Punch

Cocktails are not a common items on my beverage list. However, when I received my Nantucket Island rocks glass courtesy of the uncommongreen, it seemed only fitting to use it with a cocktail. Of course, as a frequent tea drinker, I knew I wanted to incorporate tea. I wanted the cocktail to reflect the season - spring - so turned to matcha for its coloring. The matcha I am currently drinking is Mizuba Tea Company's House. My next step was an internet search. Coincidentally, one of the top pages was the recipe collaboration between Mizuba and Mint & Mirth on the Mint & Mirth website. Of the four unique cocktail recipes, I chose the "Matcha Punch (for one)." I had been served a rum punch at an Easter brunch and really enjoyed it!

The first step was to prepare a matcha simple syrup. I made the orange juice version. Once the syrup cooled, I mixed a modified version of the cocktail. I used Gosling's Dark Rum not a spiced rum and I did not add pineapple juice. Despite these changes, the result was deliciously refreshing. I liked the "world's tiniest pinch" of nutmeg but Mr. Tea was not as enthusiastic. The matcha did not impart its classic flavors to cocktail. There was, though, a bit of depth to the cocktail. You can find the matcha syrup and punch recipes on Mint & Mirth.

The simple syrup recipe makes a lot of syrup. I've used it to prepare matcha soda (with lime seltzer) and I may attempt an Old Fashioned using a Scotch whisky. The whisky featured in The Famous Mint Tea recipe. I served that cocktail in a small Duralex glasses. I like the tumbler but it is not the right dimension for a cocktail. The Nantucket Island rocks glass complemented the Matcha Punch. I think rum punches call to mind islands. The glass itself is the right size for my hand. Also, the glass has a nice weight but it is not heavy. It fits securely in my hand. The only thing I would improve is the etching on the glass. The engraving of Nantucket Island and Harbor are not always legible. You can see the Nantucket Island glass on theuncommongreen website here.


  1. Looks delicious. And it seems like the weather is finally warming up, perfect for punch outdoors!

    1. Georgia | Notes on Tea4/19/16, 2:13 PM

      Thanks, Sara. I am so happy that spring is sticking around. Here's to iced drinks!

  2. Looks refreshing! Perfect drink for this season.


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