April 04, 2016

Tea Review - Mizuba Tea Co. Matcha

I'm starting this post with a note of appreciation. Thank you Lauren of Mizuba Tea Company for providing me with a sample of your culinary grade matcha. I used the sample to test recipes in two cookbooks -- The Matcha Miracle by Dr. Mariza Snyder et al. and The Healthy Matcha Cookbook by Miryam Quinn Doblas -- I reviewed last fall. I enjoyed eating food prepared with the culinary so much that I decided to purchase a drinking matcha, and later, Mr. Tea would purchase another drinking matcha for me. For matcha lovers and those curious, read on about Daily Matcha and House Matcha.

Daily Matcha
This matcha like all the matches offered my Mizuba is from a 100-year old farm family in Uji, Japan. Uji is located between Kyoto and Nara, Japan's current and former capital cities, respectively, in the Kyoto Prefecture. In his recounting of the importance of Myoue Shounin in the development of tea culture in the Uji region, Ricardo Caicedo, of My Japanese Green Tea, states that Uji is "the most prestigious tea growing region in Japan."

Mizuba's Daily Matcha is very good, and it's definitely a matcha you would want to drink every day. It is feels creamy, tastes creamy. You can taste the green nature of matcha but there's also a spicy sweetness.

House Matcha
The House Matcha was a Valentine's Day gift from Mr. Tea. The matcha was part of a kit which included a chawan and chasen. I had been using a cereal bowl to prepare and drink my matcha so was happy for a dedicated matcha bowl. My first chasen is very special. You can read how I came to own it here. I handed it down to my mother when I received my new chasen.

Drinking this matcha is like being on the New England coast during the winter. The marine flavor is distinct. There is also a tart note which comes across as a puckering in the back of the mouth.


Of these two matchas, I prefer the Daily. It's a delicious balance of creamy and umami. If briskly marine is more to your taste, then I'd recommend the House.

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