March 29, 2016

Tea Review - Texas Yaupon Tea

Maridel Martinez of Texas Yaupon Tea was the individual who alerted to me to a factual error in my review of Cat Spring Yaupon. You can read that review here. Maridel provided samples of her company's Roasted Yaupon Tea and described it as "unblended and 'lightly' roasted." I prepared the tea as recommended: pour boiling water over the tea bag and steep for 5 minutes; and steep again for a second cup. The tea was more roasted than smoky, but the roasted note was subtle. The dominant flavors were herbaceous and fruity in nature with a lingering slight bittersweetness.

Yaupon. Handbook of the Trees of the Northern States and Canada East of the Rocky Mountains. 
via Wikimedia (source)

Each of the yaupons I drunken appeal to different palettes. If you would like to learn more about yaupon, Maridel curates a yaupon tea

Yaupon tea samples were provided for review by Texas Yaupon Tea.

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