February 23, 2016

Tea Review - Wymm Tea Lincang Daxueshan Laohuangpian, 2014

This Daxueshan is one of two teas I won in a Wymm Tea raffle. Read my review of Wymm Tea Tengtiao Black, 2015 Spring. In that review, I shared a couple of the things I learned from the information card that came with the tea. What did I learn from the puerh info card? Daxueshan means "big snow mountain" which is located in the town of Mengku which is the birthplace of the region's Camellia sinensis var. assamica. Laohuangpian is the type of tea produced when the larger leaves of this already large-leaved variety are used to make this tea because they are "more flavorful and sweeter." Here are my own tasting notes.

I started off with three 5 sec rinses. The fourth steep was 30 secs long in 195F water. The fifth steep was also 30 secs but in 200F water. The liquor was flavorful. I detected sweet notes of dried fruit and dry notes of conifer sap and juniper needles. My cup was aromatic even after I had drunk all the tea. The same experience for the sixth and seventh steep.

The eighth steep was 45 secs long in 200F water. Stone fruit emerged alongside dried fruit in the eighth steep. There was a mineral finish with a touch of astringency like an unripe hachiya persimmon. The ninth infusion at 1 min in 200F water yielded a milder, peach-colored liquor. The tenth and final steep was very similar.

I said to myself, when I finished drinking this tea, "I am a sheng head!'

P.S. Regarding the 3-word name of this tea, the first two words in the tea name denote origin while the third word is the type of tea.

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