January 21, 2016

Favorite Tea Ware - Kym Cooper of The Steepery in Australia

As a tea drinker, and I am sure this is true for you, I adore teaware, from the chasen to the yixing teapot. Everyone has their favorites! This series showcases the favorite teaware of folks in the tea blogging community. Today, this series goes beyond North America to Australia with Kym Cooper's favorite objects. Kym is the founder of The Steepery Tea Co. and a Certified Tea Master. 

I really love teawares. There are a couple of qualities that I look out for when acquiring teawares, its shape and form (I am partial to handcrafted pieces), functionality and its ability to authentically prepare or serve tea. Here are my favourites:

Tea sink
My first experience meeting a tea master in Singapore resulted in the purchase of this tea sink and all the Gong Fu Cha paraphernalia. I was clearly tea drunk and easily coerced into making such an expensive purchase! A special piece as this really started me on my tea journey.

Small teacup and aroma cup
I switch between brewing vessels (large teapots, gaiwans, express steepers and yixing teapots) when tea brewing but I always drink tea with a small teacup and aroma cup present. I find having these on hand is useful when I frequently mix drinking tea for enjoyment and more ‘serious’ cupping and tea tasting. I like to revisit aromas and flavour profiles regularly.

A talented ceramic artist from Melbourne (Australia), Yesha Macdonald, made my chawan for me. I have never owned a chawan until earlier this year and I have never had a ceramic piece made especially for me. This chawan has incredible form, feels organic in the hands and allows for the most incredibly frothy jade matcha to be whisked up.

Milk pot
I am a bit partial to a hot drink and a sweet treat after dinner. It is probably the little bit of indulgence I have almost every night. A good portion of those evenings I like to brew chai masala. To best replicate the Chai Wallahs of India without the scale I like to use my white enamel milk pot. It is a little deeper than a saucepan and manages to contain my haphazard stirring and uncontrolled simmering. I have tried many methods for chai masala preparation but nothing is better than making it on the stovetop as a decoction to extract the spices.

Stainless steel teapot
Often given a bad wrap, black tea features high on my list of favourite teas. My sister bought this teapot for me many years ago. We use it every morning to prepare a strong black tea (i.e., Assam single estate). This pot holds about 500mL and pours perfectly.

I am thrilled that Kym agreed to share her favorite teaware. I am partial to her milk pot. And don't you just love the fish eye view of Kym's outdoor space seen in the stainless steel pot? All photos and stories courtesy of Kym Cooper.


  1. I adore that milk pot! and oh that chawan!

    1. Georgia | Notes on Tea1/27/16, 9:16 PM

      I know!
      I think I can manage adding a milk pot to my tea wares.

  2. Thanks for featuring me on your Favourite Tea Ware series Georgia. I loved putting this together for Notes on Tea and revisiting the memories I have made in collecting these pieces.

    1. Georgia | Notes on Tea1/27/16, 9:15 PM

      Kym, thank you! It's a pleasure to see your favorite tea objects and to learn about their stories.


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