January 07, 2016

Tea in Washington DC - Ching Ching Cha Chinese Teahouse

I can across two things off my DC Metro Area Tea Bucket List. One is a visit to a Capital Teas store. Two, which is actually the first item on my tea bucket list for the DC area, is a visit to Ching Ching Cha. I think many of you were as excited about my visit as I was. The photograph of the front of the store which I posted to Instagram was well liked. I want to thank again Theresa of T Shop in NYC for the recommendation. Teahouses are one of the places I like to visit in a new city (or even in one that I've been to before or know well). (I also like to visit parks, forests, and gardens.)

My time at Ching Ching Cha was very nice, and next time I would like to stay longer. I ordered an oolong, Da Hong Pao or Big Red Robe as well as a dish of vegetarian dumplings. Before I provide more detail about the tea and food, I'd like to share about the interior of the shop.

The entrance is narrow the shop opens up into a wide room with great lighting, some it coming from windows and skylights. I was so focused on the shelves of teaware on the back wall that at first walkabout I missed the floor seating section. I sat at a generous table (for two) in the back practically underneath the skylights.

I sat. I ordered. The fire beneath my table top tea pot was lit. My tea arrived. The service was gongfu style. The first pot of tea was prepared for me and each step was explained courteously. I enjoyed the BRR, but it wasn't exceptional.

The dumplings were another story. They were very delicious! They were made to order, from scratch. It took thirty minutes for my dumplings to be prepared but it was worth the wait. With my mouth was still stained from drinking eight pots of BRR, I knew I had ordered well.

Ching Ching Cha is located at 1063 Wisconsin Ave NW, Washington DC and is open 11 am - 9 pm except Mondays. I would like to return for more dumplings, and to drink the Organic Green Hair and Snow Dragon teas.


  1. Ooh, sounds like a fun trip! So glad you had the chance to visit. Those dumplings look and sound divine!

    1. Georgia | Notes on Tea1/10/16, 8:02 PM

      If I lived in Georgetown, Ching Ching Cha would be my go-to lunch spot.

  2. I went to DC a few years ago and this place was on the top of my wish list. Unfortunately circumstances kept it from happening. Now I definitely have an excuse to go back!

  3. I didn't know until I opened your post that I've actually been here before! It was while ago, before my tea blogging days, but I definitely remember this being a cool place.

  4. Tea and Dumplings, what a perfect combo. I love to try and visit Ching Ching Cha


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