November 05, 2015

Tea Tasting - Capital Teas' Mosaic District Teabar & Boutique

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Are you wondering about the whereabouts of the Mosaic District? It's in Merrifield, VA. I'm living in the DMV this year. DMV stands for the District (aka DC) - Maryland - Virginia. I haven't been invited to afternoon tea at the White House but if Michelle Obama reads this blog, I am available to join you for tea!

I had been in touch with Capital Teas earlier in the year precipitated by a press release about the tea company carrying Tea-rrific Ice Cream in its shops. I don't know the current status of this collaboration but when Capital Teas offered a tea tasting at a location in the DMV, I accepted.

A few Sundays ago I visited the Mosaic District shop where I was met by James, the store's manager, who had selected six teas for me to taste. In order, starting with the top row, I drank Irish Breakfast, Milk Oolong, and Green Menthos followed by Chicory Chai Puerh, Yoga Tea, and Green Gojiberry in the bottom row. My favorites were Milk Oolong and Green Menthos. The latter is like a Moroccan Mint. A shou puerh was used for the Chicory Chai making it my least favorite. I prefer sheng puerhs.

James is a great conversationalist so the tasting was lively. He told me that the store carries 60 teas and his favorite is a self-designed blend of Caramel Toffee Puerh and Vanilla Creme, which he has named the Santiago Blend. Santiago is James in Spanish. I was able to observe staff interaction with customers as well as to see customer engagement with the displays. Capital Teas offers samples of two teas each week at its stores. I tried the Pumpkin Rooibos Chai and liked it.

There a couple of other teas I'd like to try. I noticed Darjeeling 2nd Flush Margaret's Hope which I enjoyed drinking at afternoon tea at the Palm Court at the Plaza Hotel. I'm also curious about Assam Bukkial. Have you drank either of these two teas?

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