October 06, 2015

Tea Review - New York Breakfast by TWG Tea

When I've been nostalgic for New York this fall, I've made myself a cup or two of New York Breakfast by TWG Tea. The tea is courtesy of The Urban Tea Merchant. Have you read my review of the traditional tea set at The Urban Tea Merchant?

The blend has an Assam base with cocoa. The chocolate pieces are significant enough in size and amount to scent the dry tea as well as to flavor the liquor. I steep a heaping teaspoon for 3-5 minutes.

The liquor is gorgeous. The steeped tea looks different depending on whether you serve it in a (white) ceramic cup or a glass vessel. The cup on the left is from my tasting tea set while the glass on the right is an Ora tea cup. New York is brisk and sweet!  You can purchase your New York Breakfast Tea directly from TWG Tea or from The Urban Tea Merchant.

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