October 27, 2015

Tea Review - Festive garden by Palais des Thés

Sensitive to caffeine in the evenings, I'm always on the lookout for a delicious herbal tea. Thanks to Palais des Thés, I have been enjoying Festive garden.

Festive garden is one of three seasonal garden blends. The other two garden blends are Forest garden (primary notes of elderberry and raspberry) and Queen's garden (primary notes of caramelize almond and cinnamon.

You can see the ingredients in Festive garden. There are seven fruits and plants: grapes, citrus, apple, cocoa kernels, hibiscus flowers, rose hip, and sunflower petals.

The liquor is almost candy pink. The company's tasting notes say the herbal "tastes like a candy store at Christmas," but that to me means peppermint. I taste candied orange peel followed by semi-sweet chocolate. The combination is like a chocolate dipped orange peel! The smell of the dry herbal is delightful too. I'm reminded of a specific confectionary shop in Massachusetts which exudes aromas of chocolate bark, caramel turtles, fudge, and yes, chocolate dipped citrus and gingers.

Festive garden tea courtesy of Palais des Thés.

P.S. The garden teas will be available for purchase beginning November 5th.

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