September 03, 2015

A Tea Tourist in Vancouver + A Tea Bucket List

Metro UK has a list of 10 countries that "all tea lovers should have on their travel bucket list." The list includes Russia, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Morocco, Malaysia, India, Japan, China, Kenya, and England. Canada is not on the list but as I mentioned in my review of afternoon tea at The Urban Tea Merchant, Vancouver is a great tea city. I wasn't in full "tea tourist" mode when visiting Vancouver but I partook of a few things and I have my list for next time.

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The Urban Tea Merchant. Here's the link for the review of the Afternoon Tea Set.

Amoda Tea. I reviewed the company's Discovery Box offerings here (Sock It To Me by Indie Tea) and here (Autumn Masala by Nepali Tea and Heavenly Cream by Sloane Tea). I met Tegan Woo & co  at Food Cart Fest at the Olympic Village. The matcha raspberry lemonade was very good!

Before heading to Whistler, we went to Granville Island and the Granville Island Public Market. I purchased a creamy, earthy matcha latter from the Granville Island Tea Company. In Whistler, in addition to the teas in my Jetsetter Tea Set from Silver Needle Tea Co., I enjoyed a refreshing masala chai latte made to order at the Whistler Tea House.

And let's not forget my sweet tooth! The gelato at Bella Gelateria lived up to the hype in Lonely Planet Vancouver.

These places are on my "next time in Vancouver tea bucket list":
  • O5 Tea (this tea bar was on my list and I was disappointed that I was unable to visit it)
  • Vancouver-based tea vendors like Tea Ave (oolongs!) and Wymm Tea (sheng pu-erhs!)
  • The Chinese Tea Shop (I was so, so close to this shop)
  • Murchie's Tea
  • More afternoon teas (Van Dusen Botanical Garden, Stankely Park Rose Garden Tea House, Stanley Park Fish House)

Have you been to or do you live in Vancouver? What's on your tea (and sweets) bucket list?


  1. So happy to hear you came to Canada and explored parts of our tea scene. Being from Ontario, I always hear so much about tea in Vancouver and would definitely love to visit some of the places you did as well on day!

    1. Georgia | Notes on Tea9/3/15, 9:07 PM

      Hi, Lu Ann! I've also been to Toronto, Montreal, and Calgary, but wasn't necessarily focused on tea during those visits. It was nice to seek out tea in Vancouver.


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