June 09, 2015

Tea Review: TÊTÊ Himalayan Full Leaf Black Tea

TÊTÊ Black Tea is good plain. I didn't think about adding milk. This black tea is a Darjeeling clonal prepared like an oolong (or a clonal oolong variant of Darjeeling). I tasted spicy, sweet, and fruit flavors. Chocolate, muscatel, dried cherry, dark maple syrup

The long twists of leaves are shades of gold, green, and black. In contrast, the wet leaves are short and wide, thought retain a curl at the narrowest part of the leaf. The liquor is a pleasing red-orange color.

Although the tea is pictured in a tasting cup set, I prepared it in a glass teapot. Read our review of TETE's white tea, and look out for our notes on the company's green tea.

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