June 16, 2015

How to Make Matcha at Home

It has been so nice to prepare thin matcha at home! From the Ippodo Matcha Nodate I brought home a chasen and a small tin of matcha powder. Included in the gift bag were matcha preparation instructions. (Did you know that Mrs. Miyako Watanabe is the calligraphy artist for Ippodo's packaging and menus?) I followed the instructions to the letter including those for cleaning up my tools.

Add 1-1/2 heaping tea ladles of matcha powder to a tea bowl. The first time I prepared the matcha I used 1 tea ladle but subsequently I used 2 tea ladles. I sifted my matcha.

Pour 60 mL of 176F water over the matcha powder. Mix the water and the powder with the bamboo whisk in an "m" motion. Enjoy the matcha before the particles settled at the bottom of the tea bowl. It is even more enjoyable with a Royce' Nama Chocolate au Lait eaten beforehand!

For more nuances to matcha preparation, read All About Tea Ceremony at Japan Info (hat tip: a Tea for Me Please tweet).

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