May 26, 2015

Tea Review: De Pelikaan Geurthee no 5

De Pelikaan, a Dutch tea company, made its debut in the US on May 7th at the Kikkerland Shop on Sixth Ave. Sara of Tea Happiness was the tea host! Read her write up of the launch event. Five teas were served at the launch event: an iced 'Mona Lisa Smile' (sencha, rose, strawberry blend), Geurthee no 5, Wijnhuis Melange, Gyokuro, and Rooibos.

I went home with 100g of Geurthee no 5 which is infused with bergamot. I enjoyed every cup of it. This surprised me. Why did I like this Earl Grey? Although the tea smells of bergamot oil, its flavors are smoky and earthy, like a subtle version of a Lapsang Souchong.

You can drink it with or without milk. I prepared it using 1 tablespoon per cup with an average steep time of 4 minutes.

Tea (a windup toy and tea filter, too) courtesy of Kikkerland. Special thanks to Sara for inviting me to the press event.

P.S. See the press gift bag reveal: 1, 2, and 3.


  1. So glad you like the tea! I am enjoying it too. I love your teapot in the 1st pic!

    1. Georgia | Notes on Tea5/27/15, 9:32 PM

      Hi Sara, thank you. The teapot belongs to my mother in law. I brought the last of no 5 to my in-laws house this weekend.


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