May 21, 2015

Afternoon Tea at Two E Bar, The Pierre

Social media has made it possible to make virtual friends and I've been lucky that it's even better to meet them in person. This was definitely the case when I met Lisa Kunizaki of Chambre de Sucre last fall at an afternoon tea at The Pierre's Two E Bar and Lounge. Alexis arranged the tea and Jee was a guest too. The Pierre gave each of us a lovely notebook. It makes a great prop! I am looking forward to using mine when one of my current notebooks is completed.  Now, on to the tea service.

I enjoyed most of the sandwiches -- I can't speak to the meat ones. The scones were good too and served with cream, lemon curd, jam. Butter cookies were served alongside the scones. The pastries were very good -- financiers, tartlets, meringues, madeleines, macarons. Thankfully each item was a small portion so one could eat one of everything.

This is my favorite photograph from the afternoon tea. If memory serves correct, it was the Assam.


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