May 07, 2015

Afternoon Tea at The Peacock

When I'm not writing about tea, I am reading and writing about animals and plants, though mostly the ones that inhabit cities. I am a nature lover. Because of the name, I was extra curious about afternoon tea at The Peacock in the William Hotel. I've seen live peacocks; they are stunning creatures. The taxidermied, I assume, peacock in the tea room was impressive.

Jee kindly made reservations for three (the two of us and Sara). Read Jee's review in which she writes about the reservation process. During that process we had to submit our selections for every aspect of the service. I missed perusing the menu on site! When we arrived, one other table was occupied, but we were the only ones in the room by the end of our tea service.

Coincidentally each of us selected the English Breakfast from Bellocq aka No. 01, Bellocq Breakfast, a blend of Indian, Chinese, and Ceylon black teas. What a great tea! Although I added milk to mine, it was equally perfect without. If I recall correctly, we ordered three pots. Each pot held exactly three cups of tea. The teaware was pretty; designed by Wedgwood.

Our sandwiches included cucumber, egg salad, roast beef, and salmon. The egg salad was fantastic. I would love the recipe (hint, hint, Chef Hicks). I can't speak about the roast beef but I liked the cucumber and salmon sandwiches too. Everything tasted freshly made.

The scones were also quite good. They were served with lemon curd and jam. We requested clotted cream.

I must admit I was excited to eat the desserts. I had never heard of the two we decided upon -- the Banoffee Pie and Bakewell Tart. The Banoffee is made of bananas and cream and toffee/dulce de leech, according to Wikipedia. I really like banana-based foods! The Bakewell tart was very sweet. Its main ingredients are jam and an almond sponge, also according to Wikipedia.

I didn't think the room was particularly dark but upon reviewing my photographs, it appears quite moody. I'd like to come back for the egg salad sandwiches, the scones, the Banoffee pie, and the Bellocq Breakfast tea. By the way, tea for two at The Peacock is $50.

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