April 06, 2015

Palais des Thés Tea & Dominique Ansel Pastry Pairings

The Palais des Thés tea pairing event ends tomorrow, April 7. As I noted on Instagram, I've tried two tea and pastry pairings but not any of the tea and cheese pairings. I remember my first tea and cheese pairing -- it was hosted at the now closed In Pursuit of Tea pop-up four years ago.

The pairings on offer when I visited the SoHo Palais des Thés boutique were (1) Montagne Bleue Black Tea + a cannele and (2) Pure Indulgence Pear Green Tea + a DKA and. The pastries were courtesy of the Dominique Ansel Bakery on Spring Street.

My favorite pairing was the pear tea and DKA. The butter and caramel flavors of the croissant-like pastry worked well with the sweet pear flavor.

Have you ever tried tea pairings? Let me know in the comments.

P.S. A bit of the behind-the-scenes of the pairing composition. For  the cannele pairing, the Palais team tried four to five teas before deciding on the Montagne Bleue Black. The Pure Indulgence Pear Green Tea was recommended to pair with the DKA so only two teas were tried before an unanimous decision was made in favor of the pear-green tea blend.

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