April 09, 2015

Matcha Meditation Workshop at the Shinnyo Center

What a restorative and seemingly effortless hour was the Matcha Meditation Workshop at the Shinnyo Center! Thank you to Nicholas Ramsey for the invitation for me and a guest.

The workshop started with a Japanese matcha tea ceremony. The tea ceremony was followed by a guided meditation with Qalvy Grainzvolt. Participants were served a traditional Japanese sweet and matcha during the meditation.

The tea ceremony was performed by three women from the Urasenke Tea Ceremony Society. There were so many fascinating aspects of the tea ceremony! The Urasenke Tea Ceremony Society offers tea ceremony demonstration and classes. Wikipedia provides an overview of the sequence of events in a Japanese tea ceremony. There is a nice 30 minute video of a urasenke style tea ceremony on Youtube here.

P.S. My guest was Jee. Also at the meditation were Nicole and Jo J. Read Nicole's review of her experience of the meditation.

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