March 23, 2015

Rafflecopter Review + Subscription Giveaway

This blog's first giveaway was the Tea Ave Oolong Giveaway which closed last week. I used Rafflecopter to manage the giveaway including the selection of the winner. I signed up for the very basic plan, Free Forever. The service was very user friendly from start to finish and even beyond which I will explain below. Because of my positive experience I wanted to share a review with you. Also, I thought it would be nice to pair the review with a giveaway of a Rafflecopter Basic subscription so you could judge for yourself. I presented the idea to Rafflecopter and you can guess from the post title that they liked it. First my review, and then the giveaway details.

How did I hear about Rafflecopter? Jee has used it for giveaways on Oh, How Civilized and recommended it. Many lifestyle bloggers use the service too. Actually, it was a post on Design Mom that reminded me to check out the company. I will walk you through my process. First, I looked at the plan and pricing options. I did not want to commit to a paid plan even for one month because not only was the oolong giveaway was a first for the blog, but it was unlikely that I would host another within the month. This made the plan selection easy. Rafflecopter's most basic plan is Forever Free. It does not come with a lot of "bells and whistles" but all the essentials are there.

Once I created an account and logged in, Rafflecopter provided clear prompts to set up my giveaway - naming the giveaway, entering the prize, adding an image, choosing the entry options and deadline. In the sidebar I was reminded about setting terms and conditions (there is a pre-fill option) and there was a helpful Quick Answer toolbox there, too. Once I previewed my giveaway I was given an embed code for my blog. There was also a widget for installing and running the giveaway on the Notes on Tea Facebook page but I declined to use this option.

During the entry period, I received emails from Rafflecopter about how to market the giveaway. The strategies were fun and easy to implement. Rafflecopter kept track of the time left in the giveaway entry period as well as the number of entrants and the ways in which they chose to enter the giveaway. At the close of the entry period, I was encouraged to choose a winner quickly. is integrated into the Rafflecopter interface so selecting a winner was easy. (You even have the option to disqualify the first random pick or you can choose a runner-up.) I chose to post the winner's name (first name, first initial of last name) on the Rafflecopter widget, created a separate post to announce the winner, and tweeted and posted on Facebook about the winner. I also emailed the winner. To officially close the giveaway, I mailed the prize to the winner. In the introduction I mentioned that the Rafflecopter service goes beyond the length of the giveaway. What do I mean by this? Well, my favorite email/advice from Rafflecopter was about how to send out the prize. I sent it out as quickly as possible, I purchased insurance and tracking, and the fun part -- I asked the winner to take a photograph of the prize and share it via social media. Gail V., I hope you do!

And now the giveaway.

Free Month of a Rafflecopter Basic Subscription

Rafflecopter has generously provided a free month of Basic subscription. The winner will be sent a link that will be good for one free month of a Basic subscription. Enter to win. Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Please note that this review of Rafflecopter is based on my use of the service. The review is my honest opinion of my experience using Rafflecopter Forever Free. The prize was not given in exchange for my review. This post is not a sponsored post and does not contain affiliate links.

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