February 05, 2015

Tea Review: Buddha Teas

Buddha Teas is California based company started by Englishman John Boyd. The teas are organic and packaged in bleach-free tea bags. The teas are marketed as a wellness drink ("100% natural herbal supplement").

The company generously provided three boxes of tea -- Dragonwell Green Tea, Elderberry Tea, and Oolong Tea. Information about the specific varietal of oolong was not provided. The tea bags do not have the name of the tea they contain printed on them so I had to be conscientious when laying them out. Another drawback was the lack of water temperature information. The company's website recommends boiling water across the board.

I prepared the Dragonwell and oolong and my preference is for the oolong. Neither of these bagged teas has the complexity one would get from their loose leaf versions, but someone new to Dragonwell or roasted oolongs would get a very basic taste for both. I haven't steeped the elderberry but I will soon. Gardenista published a recipe for elderberry syrup; drinking elderberry is a flu prevention strategy.

Our thanks to Buddha Teas.

P.S. Coming up on the blog: a review of Palais des Thes grand crus, an afternoon tea review of The Pierre, and Jo J's favorite teaware.

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  1. Is green tea considered an herbal supplement? Hm, I never thought about it before! I love the little goldfish on your mug!


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