February 03, 2015

Amoda Tea Discovery Box - Autumn Masala & Heavenly Cream

Two weeks ago I reviewed Sock It To Me by Indie Tea, one of three black tea blends in my Amoda Tea Discovery Box. Today I present the other two blends -- Autumn Masala by Nepali Tea and Heavenly Cream by Sloane Tea.

You can probably guess that Autumn Masala is a masala chai. The dry leaves have a spicy, woodsy (think pine) aroma. I prepared a pot of tea, steeping it for three minutes (the suggested time was 3-5 minutes). The liquor from the three-minute steep was mildly flavored. An additional two-minute infusion time did not significantly alter the taste. I would not recommend adding milk to this tea as it would only weaken the spice flavors.

The name Heavenly Cream doesn't provide a hint of the ingredients in the blend but as soon as I opened the packet, I knew that the tea contained bergamot. It is not a straight Earl Grey as the tea is blended with vanilla. The vanilla provides a creamy note and smooths the intensity of the bergamot. I don't seek out Earl Grey teas or teas flavored with bergamot but this blend was enjoyable. I steeped the leaves for four minutes - the instructions recommend 4-6 minutes - and that was enough time to extract a rich amber color and bold flavor. The liquor retains its character with milk. I craved banana pudding while drinking this tea so I think it would pair well with sweets, for dessert or for afternoon tea.

You can purchase Autumn Masala on the Amoda website. Heavenly Cream can be purchased on Amoda or directly via Sloane. Aren't the tins beautiful?!

This post concludes the review of a Discovery Box courtesy of Amoda Tea. Thank you, Amoda.


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