January 27, 2015

Tea Shop - Tiny Pinecone

The shop space at 58 West 8th Street seems to have a sweet tooth. It used to house Matsunosuke, a Japanese pie shop. It's now home to Tiny Pinecone, a tea and sweets shop. Unfortunately, Tiny Pinecone is a pop-up, but fortunately you (and I) still have time to visit (again). The teahouse's last day of business at the West 8th location is February 21.

I visited Tiny Pinecone with Sara and Jee. I enjoyed my mildly sweet, floral, off-menu High Mountain oolong. I liked the teaware too. The mug was interestingly patterned and I appreciated the size of serving pitcher. Tiny Pinecone uses Hario steepers. (Chalait also uses Hario Largo Tea Drippers.) Jee ordered the masala chai and Sara ordered the Royal Milk Tea. The latter is made with condensed milk! One to try on my next visit.

Jee arrived first and ordered an assortment of cakes and scones for the table. The cocoa chiffon cake with hojicha cream was delicious. The matcha cream puff was a stunner. Check out Sara's photo of the puff. Separately I ordered a coconut oatie for my little companion and we were treated to a crisp black sesame cookie.The shopkeepers, Lisa and Ben, seem like very nice people so please consider supporting the shop in it's last month on West 8th.

For other reviews of Tiny Pinecone, read Oh, How Civilized and Tea For Me Please, and the Village Voice.

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