January 06, 2015

Brazilia Cafe hot chocolate menu

In early December 2014, I received a press release from the public relations company representing Brazilia Cafe about the cafe's hot chocolate menu. Rotea suggested I ask the company to arrange a tasting for me. Indulgence PR responded quickly and affirmatively. On a very cold day, coincidentally, I went to the cafe. I thought I would taste small shots of all the hot chocolates, but since I was offered full-size servings I selected three drinks from the menu.

Mitchell, the cafe's manager, met me and brought me to the bar in the rear of the cafe. Cesar, the barista, was personable and prepared the hot chocolates well.

What did I drink? The Hazelnut, Black Bottom, and Melting Marshmallow.

The Hazelnut was a nice combination of chocolate and real Nutella. It was not too sweet, thick enough, and smooth with Nutella bits on the bottom. Hershey's dark semi-sweet chocolate chips are used to prepare the drinks at Brazilia Cafe. Say no to powder! The hot chocolates are prepared with organic whole milk from Horizon.

The second hot chocolate I drank was the Black Bottom. A good hot chocolate with a thinner consistency than the Hazelnut and coconut notes. About three-quarters of the way down you taste the fudge layer which has a dried berry flavor.

Finally, I drank the Melting Marshmallow. It's the cafe's Original, minus the cinnamon, topped with a very large marshmallow. The marshmallow did not melt very much. I probably should have ordered the Espresso Italiano or even the Orange Spiced which is made with orange *and* cardamom.

If you visit - and you should - order the Hazelnut or the Black Bottom. Brazilia Cafe is located at 684 Broadway at Great Jones Street.

Hot chocolate courtesy of Brazilia Cafe. Thank you to Indulgence PR for arranging the tasting.

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