January 13, 2015

Favorite Tea Ware - Alexis Siemons of teaspoons & petals

As a tea drinker, and I am sure this is true for you, I adore teaware, from bombillas to matcha whisks. Everyone has their favorites! This series showcases the favorite teaware of folks in the tea blogging community. Today's faves are from Alexis Siemons of teaspoons & petals.

Miniature Tea Set: This was my very first tea set that was purchased when I was around nine or ten years old at a dollhouse & dollhouse accessories store. While I did not have a dollhouse, I knew it was a special piece. I still remember the small table where is was placed by the window in my childhood bedroom. It seems that this set led to a love affair for teaware with delicate floral details, subtle gold trim and classic shapes that are seen throughout my teaware collection and within the name, teaspoons & petals.

Tea Cup With Gold Trim & Rose Petals: This tea cup belonged to a dear family friend who had passed away. Each time I enjoy tea from this lovely cup I think of her and honor her memory. I hold this piece near and dear to my heart.

Wooden Tea Canister: I recently wrote an article about a line of Karmi Tea canisters handcrafted with cherry birch wood tea by artisans in Japan, and I fell in love with the design steeped in history. This traditional style of laquerware shows the natural wood grains beneath the chestnut brown finish, revealing hints of its origin. The wood is naturally dried so that it offers an ideal environment to keep tea leaves fresh (the shape of the vessel and lids are designed to offer an airtight seal). I use this Kama Karmi Canister to store my special green teas from Ippodo. (FYI the Canister is from Rikumo http://rikumo.com/collections/karmi-tea-canisters/products/karmi-tea-canister-kama)

Yixing Clay Teapot.

All photos and stories courtesy of Alexis Siemons. Thank you for participating in the series, Alexis.

P.S. Read Alexis's article about traditional Japanese Yamanaka lacquerware for Fresh Cup magazine. It's a long form essay but worthwhile to read.

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