December 11, 2014

Notes on Tea Gift Guide 2014

Our eclectic gift guide of tea-related objects. Enjoy!

Chocolate pairs well with tea! And the ROYCE' Decorative Ball is filled with R Chocolat and Pure Chocolate. See all the new chocolate products here.

The Qterra NOVO is not available yet for retail but the concept is brilliant. Check out the Kickstarter campaign page. Did you know that Qterra is a client of Alexis Siemons on teaspoons & petails? Donate to the Kickstarter here.

If you don't yet own a tea pet or would like to add to your collection, please consider the Joseph Wesley Tea Houses. Net proceeds from purchases of the tea house are donated to Detroit’s Freedom House. Shop for the tea pets here.

I spotted the PANATEA Ceremonial Grade Matcha Green Tea Set on Jee's Instagram feed. The tea set includes a measuring spoon, a double wall glass bowl, a bamboo whisk, and matcha, I have a traditional matcha bamboo scoop but I really like PANATEA's metal scoop. It is a one gram scoop - perfect for one bowl of matcha. Shop for the matcha kit here.

The Nordic Mug with color changing deer from DAVIDsTea is the only item on this list that I own. It is courtesy of Bratskier & Company. I wrote about the mug here. It is fun to use.

Finally, the fantastic logo t-shirt of the Shoots & Roots Bitters company. It's a woman owned business based in Harlem. One of the company's nine bitters has a Camellia sinensis base - the Chai Jolokia - is a Masala chai with black and ghost peppers. Shop for the t-shirt here.

Thank you to ROYCE', Alexis Siemons, Joseph Uhl, PANATEA, Bratskier & Company, and Shoots & Roots for the images used in this post.

P.S. Considering a gift of tea, check out our recent reviews: Ippodo Unro and Hosen Senchas, DAVIDsTEA Winter Collection, Golden Tips Tea CTC Assam Exotic, and Chambre de Sucre collaborative teas.

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