November 26, 2014

Tea Review: Golden Tips Tea CTC Assam Exotic

Golden Tips Tea has one of the most creative packaging I've seen. The teas arrived in a cardboard box which was wrapped in cotton that had been hand-sewn closed. The company provided several Darjeelings, three Assams, a Nilgiri and an herbal a rose-flavored green tea. As I mentioned on Twitter, I haven't figured out how to properly steep the Nilgiri but I have finished the Mankota Exotic Assam and the CTC Assam Exotic. The Mankota Exotic Assam is a loose leaf and well flavored tea. The CTC Assam Exotic also has a good flavor given that is a CTC.

I prepared the CTC Assam three ways: (1) steeped in a teabag; (2) steeped in a glass kettle; and (3) boiled in a pot with milk and sugar as suggested by Golden Tips Tea via Twitter. To the pot I added cardamom, cinnamon, and clove to make masala chai.

The masala chai was very good. You might consider adding a bit of condensed milk, about a teaspoon, to sweeten the experience (pun intended).

I will post about the Darjeelings soon - stay tuned.

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