August 01, 2014

Buzz about NYC tea rooms

"New York is a city steeped in love for coffee, but for some folks, java just isn't their cup of tea." This is Lilit Marcus's opening sentence for his WSJ article on tea shops and cafes in the city. The article contrasted tea rooms and shops with more formal afternoon tea experiences at city hotels. I have not been to many of the latter in New York. Palais des Th├ęs, Teavana, Press Tea, and Bellocq Atelier were mentioned. I Frenched my day at Palais des Thes and enjoyed afternoon tea at Press Tea. A visit to Bellocq Atelier is on my bucket list. For the time being, I follow their Instagram account.

Surprisingly, The article did not mentions Tea Drunk where I got drunk (on tea) after 10 steepings!

The Times also reported on the NYC tea scene recently, but only profiled one tea room.  Have you watched the video of a tea lesson by Timothy Hsu of The Mandarin's Tea Room?  I took a lesson with Timothy (thanks, Jee) and it will be the subject of my next review -- stay tuned.

Which tea places did the WSJ and the Times miss in their profiles?


  1. I'd be happy to visit Bellocq with you if we can find a time! Oh they missed so many places in that article- Radiance, Cha An, McNulty's, Harney's, Empire Coffee & Tea just to name a few! Even chains like David's and Argo.

  2. Georgia | Notes on Tea8/3/14, 7:13 PM

    Sara, let's talk offline about a visit to Bellocq!

    And, thanks for the list of tea places. I haven't been to Cha-An or Empire Coffee & Tea.

  3. Hi Georgia, thanks for shouting out my story. However, one thing to note is the fourth paragraph: ""Many of our customers are proud to call themselves 'tea nerds,'" said Shunan Teng, founder of the East Village's Tea Drunk, which is named after a Chinese expression used to describe the feeling of lightheadedness caused by strong tea." Pretty sure that counts as mentioning Tea Drunk. :)

    1. Georgia | Notes on Tea8/9/14, 6:21 PM

      Lilit, thank you for pointing out the oversight! I will correct ASAP. I am glad you read the post.

    2. No problem! I'm always on the hunt for other tea nerds. Hopefully we'll bump into each other at Cha An sometime - I love that place.


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