June 24, 2014

Tea Shop - Miansai Tea Bar

On a stroll through Soho I went into Miansai, a jewelry boutique fronted by a tea shop which opened in December 2013. I was tipped off to its existence by an Oh, How Civilized post.  Coincidentally, 33 Crosby was the former home of the pop-up In Pursuit of Tea shop!

The tea choices - sourced from Tea Chai Te - are great! Black, green, masala chai, puer. And even kombucha on tap. I ordered an iced papaya and pineapple tisane. Although the tea did not taste like either fruit, it was bright, tart, and refreshing.

I also like the shop's decor. The copper cups would showcase matcha really well, I think. And as a plantphile, I was drawn to the staghorn ferns on the wall.

I'll be back - so many teas to drink.

P.S. For another perspective on this tea bar, read the Tea Happiness review.

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