March 05, 2014

How to Make Masala Chai - Tiffany's Recipe

I drank the best masala chai ever, or at least of the year, last weekend.  It was served at an open house and I asked its creator for the recipe.  Here's an edited version of what she wrote.  Note: it's not your typical recipe!
We actually have a masala mix from I don't know when and where - must have been bought on one of our trips to India or brought by my in-laws because I never bought it in the US...

Having said that, during our last trip to India we bought a mix which was really not that good, so I ended up making our own with the few spices I had available: black pepper (you should get Indian one, it has a very particular taste), Cardamon, cloves, and ginger (fresh or powder). I usually take the spices as whole and grind them myself (and use fresh ginger)...

You can also add cinnamon or things like that...

Unfortunately I don't really have a specific recipe - I do pretty much everything in the kitchen by "feeling" - even much of the baking. I'd try with pretty even parts of the ingredients, but you may want to use less pepper and adjust the ginger as well because both can be spicy, but the spice level can vary depending on the quality and specific kind of pepper you use...

I also like Oh, How Civilized's recipe. And check out Melissa Cooks Gourmet's Spiced Milk Tea recipe.

Share your favorite masala chai recipe in the comments. 


  1. That recipe is very similar what I like to do! I use a version similar to this: and I tweak it depending on my mood. Sometimes there is nothing better than homemade masala chai!

  2. Georgia | Notes on Tea3/6/14, 1:26 PM

    D'accord, Sara!


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