February 18, 2014

Tea Review: TeaVivre's Chinese blacks

In late January I received a generous package of samples from TeaVivre.  The three black teas I received were Premium Keemun Hao Ya, Bailin Gongfu, and Golden Monkey.  I have been enjoying them! The oolongs will be enjoyable too, no doubt, but I have not yet steeped them.

Keemun has always been a favorite black tea and the TeaVivre keemun does not disappoint with classic bold, malty flavors. This keemun is also smooth with a fruity profile.

I have now added Bailin Gongfu to my list of favorite black teas.  The liquor smelled roasted but the taste was more subdued with hints of fruit and malt.  The tasting notes on the TeaVivre website mention caramel so I will have to steep another cup to see if I can detect this flavor.

The Golden Monkey was the sweetest and lightest of three teas as well as the prettiest with with "golden hairy tips."  This Fujian black tea is a good starter tea.

My thanks to Stella at TeaVivre for the samples.

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