February 25, 2014

Tea Review: Chambre de Sucre's World Wayfarer Tea

In advance of Valentine's Day we reviewed Chambre de Sucre's Love Cycle tea flight.  Today we present the company's World Wayfarer Tea.  This tea series also has a story based on the family of Chambre de Sucre's Lisa Kunizaki.

I prepared these teas during one of the many deeply cold spells this winter and was transported to places I imagined to be warmer than where I was while drinking the teas.  Tea No. 6 Kyushu honors the birthplace of Lisa's father with sencha and fruits. The green rooibos and fruits of Tea No. 24 Waiahole Valley represents Lisa's extended ohana while Tea No. 22 Mon Frere, a blend of vanilla oolong and hazelnut pieces, was created with her brother in mind.  He's a peripatetic.

My favorite is Tea No. 22 but I look forward to making iced tea this summer with Nos. 6 and 24.

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