February 11, 2014

Tea Review: Chambre de Sucre's The Love Cycle

Here's another way to celebrate Valentine's Day with tea.  Try The Love Cycle line of heritage teas from Chambre de Sucre.  This tea flight is based on the "'cycle' that romantic relationships take," influenced by the romance of the founder's parents!  Start with Chocolat et Fraise, then Evening Engagement, and then Love Spell.

My favorite of the three teas is the Chocolat et Fraise or Tea No. 20, a blend of puerh, chocolate pieces, and dried strawberries.  Evening Engagement or Tea No. 104, a blend of Bai Mu Dan white, rose petals, and chrysanthemum blossoms reminded me of the Ipsahan pastry at Bosie Tea Parlor, which is a rose macaron filled with rose-butter cream, lychee, and raspberries.  Love Spell or Tea No. 14 is an herbal of rose petals, lemon peel, rose hips, and apple pieces.  I think this tea would be best served iced; think summer love.

Thank you for the generous package of teas and sugars, Lisa Kunizaki!

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